Barrafina is a lovely, vibrant tapas restaurant. Throughout the day the place delivers freshly made tapas straight to order as chefs prepare dishes from charcuterie to seafood right in front of your eyes. 

Depending on what time you arrive at the restaurant you may have to wait to be seated as the restaurant does not take bookings. However, just to get you in the mood a waiter will offer you light bites and drinks. Believe me it is worth the wait.


The menu offers an array of tapas including para picar, Spanish cold meats, tortilla, vegetables and salads, seafood, meat and dessert. Just click on the link below to check it out.

The pan con tomates is simplicity at its best. It’s juicy, it’s sweet and the olive oil they use is out of this world. It adds a whole new dimension and the hint of garlic gives it that extra boost.

Everyone loves deep fried food. These delicious golden spheres of ham and cheese croquettes are just as mouth watering to look at as much as much as they are to eat. The crunchy outer shell with the gooey melted cheese with chunks of ham embedded in the middle is a marriage made in heaven.  Two is not enough and if you still have room for one more order of tapas, these bad boys are definitely worth another round.

 The tuna tartar is a must for any fish lover. It just melts in your mouth and it is served with a super smooth guacamole puree. The tuna itself is marinated in citrus juices and sesame oil to help cut through the richness.




























When I think of Spanish meat, the first thing that pops into my head is chorizo and believe me the chorizo at Barrafina is packing so much flavour and the potatoes underneath just takes in all that precious oily goodness.

The ham and spinach tortilla is an exceptional dish. Cutting into the thick well seasoned potatoes makes that runny yolk ooze out everywhere.














The belly of pork is one of Barraina’s specials. It is served with a smooth velvetey celeriac puree accompanied with rosemary jus. The pork is cooked to perfection. Its tender andmoist and just shreds as soon as you pick at it. If you get a chance to order a special make the most of the suckling pig. That was my first choice but it had sold out. Oh well maybe next time.



Barrafina is undoubtedly one of London’s top tapas restaurants. From the ambience to the service and more importantly the food it was perfect. In my opinion I think it just pips Salt Yard. It’s rapidly becoming a popular place to visit and a lot of well known chefs are raving on about it.


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