Blacks Burgers + “THE BEAST”

There are a lot of burger restaurants that people regularly visit such as Lobster and Burger, Five Guys and Gourmet Burger Kitchen. However in a small part of Croydon lies a restaurant called Burger at Blacks. The restaurant perhaps is probably best known for selling “Europe’s biggest burger” but I wanted to visit the restaurant not only because I was intrigued by this claim to fame but because I genuinely heard damn good things about the place.

The restaurant is run with a lot of passion and the owner takes pride in the fact that his burgers are made with the freshest ingredients such as crisp lettuce, plump ripened juicy tomatoes and high quality black angus beef.

In terms of the menu Burger at Blacks offers a wide range of options. Click on the link below


The Triple X burger

I eat for England so naturally without hesitation I went for the Triple X which contained 3 beef patties with triple the amount of bacon and cheddar cheese topped with onion rings. To aid me with my monster of a burger I went for a rich luxurious toffee milkshake. Nowadays I don’t care much for calories. Life’s too short for that shizz.
One bite into the burger the meat just crumbled. It was juicy, meaty and had bags of flavour. The cheese melted all over the patty and crispy bacon.

The Beast

A month later I asked some of my friends to come and join me to visit this joint, not for a meal but for a challenge, a challenge that Adam Richman would rub his hands together and jump for excitement.

The Beast lives up to its name. Many people have taken on this mother and failed. This challenge is not for the faint hearted but if you’re in a group of four, consider doing it.


WARNING!!!! AVOID THE PUB AT ALL COSTS. My friends and I had a few too many and it all went downhill from there.

The Beast contains the following:

  • 7lb Prime Black Angus Beef
  • Half lb Mature Cheddar
  • 7 Rashes Streaky Smoky Bacon
  • 1 Whole Lettuce
  • 7 Whole Tomatoes
  • 1lb Chunky Chips
  • 1 Full size Milkshake – 2 Scoops of 100% Dairy Ice Cream
The Beast next to a normal sized burger


We were doomed from the start. Like I mentioned earlier drinking alchol didn’t help but just by looking at it we were put off even more. The sheer scale of it was immense and nothing like I have seen before. As a group we tried everything from taking it turns to eating the chips to dousing the bread in mustard and ketchup. Not only that having a thick milkshake between the four of us really didn’t help the cause.



In the end (as you probably can tell by my plate below) we didn’t overcome The Beast but I must give a special mention to my friend Alex, who was the only one in the group that finished his plate and ate his quarter of the burger.

There you have it FoodPunkers, Blacks Burgers is a place you should definitely check out whether its a simple date night with your partner or just having a bite to eat with your friends. Its reasonably priced, the staff are very welcoming and hospitable and more importantly the food is great. Even tackling The Beast is worth a shot and not to mention a great laugh whether you fail or not.
On a final note, the restaurant has been so successful that the owners have now opened another one in Epsom.


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