Hawksmoor – Seven Dials

Steaks are the most badass of all meats. Its a proper man’s food where alpha males tear and chew away at a piece of meat like cavemen. This is a crap example but the only one I can think of whilst writing this post, but you couldn’t see Kim Kardashian chowing down on a Rib eye or T-bone.

I don’t know many steak houses in and around London but what I do know is that Hawksmoor is a highly regarded steak eatery. You’ll find it in a few places such as Knightsbridge, Covent Garden and Spitalfields.

Don’t be put off by the prices and yes I know what you’re thinking, bread and butter for two pounds, how dare they!!. However it is still very much impressive and in all honesty it is hard to choose what you want because all of it looks so inviting whether you want a steak or something completely different.



The cocktails were very refreshing, bright and summery. I went for a Tokaji (pronounced Tok-eye) smash.


As you already may know by now I do love my steak tartare but I was a little disappointed with Hawksmoor’s take on it. It had too much of a kick to it which killed off all the other flavours. That being said I’m not a big fan of wasting food, I still polished it off. Maybe it was a one off but I hope the next time I go, there wont be so much of a kick to it.



The Yorkshire puddings were blinding. So light and airy on the inside but crispy on the outside. It worked so well with the potted beef and  bacon. The beef just melted in your mouth and dunking the Yorkshires in the onion jus is a must!.



You can not have steak without some sort of starchy side. Triple cooked chips and beef dripping roast potatoes had to be ordered. You couldn’t leave one without the other. Greedy?? No, just plain common sense. Crispy deep fried chips and golden brown roast potatoes went down a treat. I think we ordered another round of each as they were that delicious.




And here we are, the big finale!, my rib eye steak with stilton hollandaise. Just reading it and posting the picture below would make any mouth water. I love my steaks rare and they didn’t screw up. It was perfection, nothing more nothing less. Juicy, succulent steak with bags of flavour and the stilton hollandaise wasn’t overpowering either. Creamy and rich and I smothered each bit of steak in it. I didn’t mess around, I absolutely demolished that plate.



This bad boy was an absolute beast that my parents shared (as well as a little help from me). The bone in prime rib was a cracking bit of meat.  All hands on deck, no knives or forks needed.



Say hello to my dolphin friend. I thought it was impressive and quirky


Hawksmoor is a restaurant that everyone and I mean everyone should eat a least once and there is no other steak joint that can rival it.


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