FoodPunk At Work Part 2

Hi everyone, last week my colleagues and I had a tasting for the new menu at work. Below are some pictures of the dishes that we did. I hope you like them.

FoodPunk ready for action

New dishes


Cornish Mackerel tartare, compressed cucumber, horseradish shoots, lemon gel, black garlic

Chicken noodle soup, burnt sweetcorn, choi sum, lotus root

Liquorice cured salmon, avocado puree, mascarpone powder, caviar salt, crispy skin, popcorn shoots


Butternut squash Agnotti, sage brown butter, trompettes, Barkham blue foam

Me on the left and my sous chef on the right cooking


Aberdeen Angus sirloin, tartiflette, kale, shallot, oxtail doughnut
Red Mullet, soft shell crab, mussel, Kerala spiced broth, saffron aioli, toasted coconut bubbles, batata vada
Burnt toffee venison, clapshot, haggis, wild nettles, granola
Salted roasted celeriac, ceps, young leeks, truffle gougere, vegetable fond
Salt marsh lamb rump, ginger goats curd, polenta, wild shoots, gentleman’s relish

The next set of photos are the desserts and I think my good friend at work Courtney Gwatkin should get mentioned as she’s the pastry chef who designed this part of the menu. Her hard work and creativity produced awesome dishes. Check these beauties out!

From top to bottom we have:
  1. Spiced apple crumble and vanilla ice cream
  2. Blood orange torte, passion fruit gel, white chocolate sauce, pineapple confit
  3. Textures of rhubarb
  4. Bergamot parfait, orange jelly, liquorice cream
  5. Chocolate fondant, beetroot & blackcurrant puree, lavender milk

After two and a half hours of non stop cooking this happened.


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