Basement is one of those places that has so much to give but falls short at the last hurdle. That’s not to say it’s not worth going to because in my opinion it’s the perfect place for chilling with friends or wanting to impress a date. Just go for the cocktails, not the desserts.

Located in Broadwick street, Soho, Basement is a few doors down from where Paul A Young’s chocolate shop is.  You’re probably going to think I’m having you on, but I’m not as what looks like a derelict office block or dare I say it, a prostitute den, is actually where this swanky cocktail bar is located. You open what looks like a dodgy door and you’re greeted by this sign.


Walk down a flight of stairs into darkness and what is on the otherside is what’s surprising. Low and behold was probably the most sophisticated and coolest bar I have ever seen.


This place is definitely the right venue to help anyone unwind and de stress. The dim lighting, the inviting luxury leather furniture, the polite staff and the chilled music was perfect for my friends and I.
We were at ease and the night was young so what better way than to splash the cash and drink some bloody good cocktails.

Below is a picture of the menu containing the cocktails and desserts on offer.



You do need a bit of cash if you want to try out their variety of cocktails but hey when in Rome.

Before I get onto the cocktails, lets get the negative part of the evening out of the way, the desserts!!!

Like I mentioned earlier, avoid the desserts because they were a let down and the money could have been spent better elsewhere. Don’t get me wrong they looked a pretty picture but what’s the point of it looking beautiful when the taste isn’t there. In fact the only word to describe it is strange. I didn’t like it, Emma didn’t like hers and Courtney being a pastry chef didn’t like hers either and you know it’s not up to scratch when you hear her say negative things about desserts. She summed it up perfectly, “has great potential but could have been executed so much better”.



Ok so I’m not a pastry chef but I’m just being honest and like every other Tom, Dick and Harry I know what I like and what I don’t like.

Right so that’s my little rant over, back to the cocktails and all of them were refreshingly awesome and easily would get anyone a bit merry. They certainly got me a bit wasted but for Courtney and Emma, they were, as always far more sensible.


Me looking worse for wear


Courtney and Emma sensibly enjoying their cocktails

During the course of the night we must have tried out at least five cocktails off the menu. The most lethal one to drink was Coffee situation. It was a challenge to say the least and it would get anyone buzzing and bouncing off the walls. Pure espresso mixed with vermouth and bourbon created this deadly drink.
Warning: Drink if you’re just plain crazy about coffee. Its not for the faint hearted and certainly for those who don’t like the bitter taste. I however loved it even if it did take me an hour to drink it. Oh wait a minute that’s me when I normally drink.


Coffee situation

All of the other cocktails were obviously not as strong with some more subtle than others and perhaps would get you drunk far more quickly as they were all refreshingly tasty.





I had a great time with Courtney and Emma at this place and I would go back again for more cocktails. I would rather spend my money on more awesome creations and other alcoholic beverages than to have the desserts. I think everyone should check this place out as it is worth seeing. Everyone knows what London is like, so if you want to escape the hustle and bustle then look no further than Basement.



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