The Ribman Hangs Out With The Galvin Brothers

Before I expand on my next food visit, I would like to apologise for the lack of blogging recently. I have just come back from holiday needing a well earned break getting away from the city and to recharge my batteries. Also I’ve recently just finished filming my second FoodPunk YouTube video which should be edited and finished in a few weeks time.
Anyways back to this gig and if you’re a real foodie/chef then you’ve more than likely have come across the Galvin Brothers. They are without a doubt one of the most notable chefs within the industry and their Michelin star background has led them to a number of award winning restaurants, in particular Galvin at Windows.
Just a little over a few weeks back myself and my partner in crime Courtney Gwatkin took a swift visit to one of Galvin’s restaurants near Spitalfield , East London. And yes like I’ve said time and time again East London is where its at people and here’s one of the reasons why.
The Galvin brothers hosted a small food festival just outside their restaurant Café A Vin inviting everyone walking by to chow down on some good honest food.

Not only did they show off their amazing assortment of street food, they also had the ever popular Rib Man selling and enticing punters with his delicious, juicy pulled pork sandwiches. To be honest at the time I had never heard of him and there’s a simple reason for that before some of you slap me around the face. Im a Spurs fan and he is a massive West ham supporter and he treats the fans to his funky ribs just outside Upton Park. But don’t fear football fans, he also sets up his stall in Brick Lane every Sunday.


After a few drinks, Courtney and I set off to eat a truck load of food, stuffing our faces with what the Galvin brothers and the Rib Man had to offer.
First stop was the Rib Man and with his charm and swagger, this was one cool dude and by meeting him you could see how much passion he has serving the best ribs in London. Because we wanted to taste what the boys next door were cooking, we decided to share a pulled pork burger and what a decision that was. He didnt hold back on the meat, he kept loading and loading and loading………………….. and LOADING that succulent, tender mean ramming it in between the bread. It looked insane and Courtney and I couldn’t wait to rip into that monster of a sandwich.

Ok so not only is he famous for his ribs, but he has also made a name for himself with his “Holy Trinity” of hot sauces. You gotta love the names of these beauties. (WARNING: PARENTAL ADVISORY EXPLICIT CONTENT) 😉

  1. Holy Fuck
  2. Christ on a bike
  3. Holy Mother of God
 Of course I had to buy all three!!! I love my spice and I can handle hot. So far I have only tried Holy Fuck and it made me sweat but not to the point where I was dripping. That’s the mildest one of the lot so yeah I really need to prepare my body mentally and physically (Rocky IV style) for the Holy Mother of God. Maybe a FoodPunk video is in order?
Next door, Galvin’s team of talented chefs were cooking up a storm with their take on some Asian and Middle Eastern dishes.


There was no way I was going to pass up on seeing a bundle of chicken deep fried and coated in a sticky sweet soy marinade. Oh man were they good!!!! It was just like home. The chicken was crispy and the sauce just had an explosion of flavours from saltiness to sweetness. It was absolutely banging.

The monkfish flatbread was an incredible bit of food. If you don’t like monkfish, then shame on you. Its chunky, meaty, juicy and has bags of flavour especially when the chefs coat it and grill it in various spices, smothering it in smoked aubergine puree with some shredded wild garlic to give it that extra punch. 


I’m so glad I joined Courtney in doing this little adventure. Besides she’s one of my close friends at work and outside.
It was great to see the Galvin Brothers use one of their restaurants, a place viewed in such high regard to offer the people of East London and share their culinary offerings as well as having the Rib Man to come and join in on the fun. This Is what makes food great and why more and more people get so involved. Fine dining, street food, brasserie style, gastro, it doesn’t matter what it is, food is food and days like this just goes to show that as long as its delicious and looks great everyone will get stuck in. Its all love baby!!!!


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