Okay peeps, so there’s this cheeky little restaurant just by Shoreditch High Street station that I need to tell you about. If you’re like me and the other 99.9% of the U.K. population that eats anything that’s deep fried then this particular place is for you. If not then it sucks to be you.


Bird’s restaurant is fried chicken heaven. Its menu is short and sweet and it does things the simple way, get some quality birds and dunk them in hot oil until its crispy and golden brown.

You can have your fried chicken however you want, whether you want it whole, mixed (white or dark meats) or just the wings. Not only that, your chicken can be drenched and covered in a variety of bad boy sauces such sweet honey and ginger or if you want to spice things up a little some extra hot chilli. Whatever you fancy Bird’s will sort you out.



Buffalo wings


Mixture of fried chicken

The burgers at this joint are awesome and come in different shapes and sizes. Take for example a fried chicken sandwich. Not only is it mouth watering and tasty, this particular beast had to be put down with a knife stabbed right through the middle. Its the only way to take it down.


Fried chicken sandwich

If you fancy something oriental and a bit more delicate (no not me!!!) the mushu crispy fried chicken is a safe bet. Take a pancake, spoon a dollop of tonkatsu sauce, put a few pieces of fried chicken, lay down some cucumber, sprinkle some spring onion, roll and go to town like Jackie Chan.

Mushu crispy fried chicken

HOWEVER if you’re wanting more of a challenge, feeling brave and eager to eat something mega then ladies and gentlemen look no further. I give you chicken and waffles.


Chicken and waffles

Two fluffy piping hot onion and potato waffles squashing and sandwiching tender, crispy chicken. Not only that its smothered in melted cheese, hot sauce and maple syrup, layered with thick cut juicy bacon and crispy shallots. Oh man did it taste good!!!



Don’t worry though if you think you can’t tackle it, you can always go for the “lighter” option by ordering the open waffle sandwich. No one would blame you, the two waffles took its toll.

The fun doesn’t stop there food punkers, because there are some sexy sides that you can order to go with your burgers, waffles and sandwiches. You don’t want to miss out on any of these….



Deep fried pickles


Slaw with cider vinegar


Jalapeno corn hash

The meal isn’t complete without fries, deep fried pickles, slaw with cider vinegar and jalapeno corn pudding. Standard night out for FoodPunk.

The standout attractions were definitely the sweet, juicy deep fried pickles and the crumble textured jalapeno corn hash.

If you have any space left in that stomach, dessert is a must. They really don’t shy away from the portion sizes. You might as well forget calories when coming to this place 🙂


Donut sandwich


Banana split


Above you can see a donut sandwich, with freshly whipped cream and lashings of caramel and chocolate sauce and the other is a banana sundae, chopped peanuts, cherries, lumps of broken honey comb, three different flavoured ice creams (strawberry, chocolate and vanilla) and again loads of chocolate sauce.
And why not wash it all down with their cocktails. Refreshing and light, you can’t go wrong.


So there you have it punkers, Bird restaurant is the place to check out. It gets my seal of approval and there are some seriously tasty looking birds. As you can see I left with a huge grin on my face.

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