Smoking food is fast becoming a massive trend in and around London and Rök in Shoreditch is taking it to a whole new level.
The restaurant takes its name from the Swedish word smoke (makes sense) and it gives quality British ingredients the Nordic treatment.
Led by Matt Young, a cool, laid back and super talented chef, Rök is creating and smashing out dishes like there is no tomorrow and to be honest that’s no surprise as the food there is at its very best.
Their meat is supplied by the famous Cobble Lane Cured in Islington and from there, Matt and his team produce some pretty tasty treats. For example, you definitely need to sample their bad boy quail scotch eggs. But its no any ordinary scotch egg, its meat is made from Nduja pork, a spicy sausage meat which instantly hits you with its warm heat.
Keeping with the Ndjua spice, you’ve got to try the scallops. They are absolutely banging and the scallops themselves take in all of that spice and heat.
As I mentioned earlier the meat is supplied from Cobble Lane so its a no brainer diving into the restaurants charcuterie selection made up of thinly sliced chorizo, salami and prosciutto. As soon as the meat touches your tongue, it just melts away.
And the fun doesn’t stop there ladies and gentlemen, Rök serves a whole host of delightful gems such as the mouth watering sous vide duck with a slightly tart lingonberry and bacon jam as well as tender
pork which gets finished off in the kitchens custom made grill giving it its unique character.
Rök also serves up an array of amazing pickles served in eye catching kiln jars. For me the wild mushroom and beetroot pickles is a must. Its sweetness, sharpness and saltiness leaves you wanting more and more. Not only that its fresh and clean to the pallet, perfect for those waiting for their mains.
I don’t go to restaurants without ordering sides and you would be a fool not to. Rök’s bone marrow mash with garlic and parsley has bags of flavour and its refreshing to see the team mash the potato with its skin, besides that’s where the flavours at. If you love your cheese, the cauliflower cheese with beef dust and almonds will leave you speechless. The cauliflower is drowned in awesome gooey cheese and the beef dust and almonds gives it that added crunch as well as heightening the simple flavours.
So there you have it peeps, if you want a bit of Rök ‘N’ Roll at dinner time, then Rök is the place to be. You will not leave disappointed. Oh and just a bit of advice, its best to book so that you avoid any sort of disappointment. Rök on people!

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