Smokey Tails

International DJ Seth Troxler has mixed his beats with his love of good old dirty, finger licking barbecue and smoked foods.
Inspired by his old family recipes, he and goods friends Jo Vidler and Jona Ahearne have created a hub that is surely going to make waves in Hoxton.

FoodPunkers, you’re going to absolutely love Smokey Tails. Why? Because you’ll get the best of both worlds. Lunch and dinner is served Monday to Friday and if you’re a 24/7 party animal, this sort of concept will suit you down to a T.
But if you’re like me and you’ve had a messy one in town on a Saturday night, having brunch on a early Sunday afternoon and listening to proper old school rap, funk and soul might just do the trick to cure the hangover and stop yourself from hitting that damn wall.

So lets talk brunch shall we?
The choices are simple, you can either play it safe and have the classics such as eggs and avocado, (which I’m sure will satisfy the masses) or you can man up and go all out by making a proper good go of the more meatier options.

The porky pig bun is a beast of a plate. Its crammed with two smoked Toulouse sausages, smoked streaky bacon, pulled pork, soft poached egg, Gruyère cheese and Seth’s own BBQ sauce. Yes people, this isn’t for the faint hearted but devouring this meaty package will undoubtedly set you up for the day and wanting another one. But steady on,  ff you’re feeling like a greedy pig (excuse the pun) and that bun isn’t enough, then having Grandmat’s crispy, juicy fried chicken ( three pieces for a small plate, six for a large) alongside with a serving of fresh seasonal slaw and fries will do just the trick. 

Now if you’re a veggie, don’t be alarmed by this place because their vegetarian options are just as awesome. There’s no way you’d turn down their bun filled with halloumi, poached egg, avocado and lashings of rocket and tomato relish.

Porky pig bun

GrandMat’s Fried Chicken (small), fries & seasonal slaw

Classic bun
So whether you want to party like its 1999 or take it easy like the Eagles, Smokey Tails will indeed make you a very happy chappy. I’m already planning my next visit for dinner to indulge myself in those bad boy smoked lamb belly croquettes and BBQ spicy baby back ribs.

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