White Rabbit

Dalston is a place most people shy away from. OK, so it may not be the most glamorous of areas in London but it certainly doesn’t lack character or good food for that matter.
A mere stone throw away from Dalston Kingsland Station, on Bradbury street, lies a number of trendy bars and a restaurant that is well worth the travel.

White Rabbit is a place that some people are unfamiliar with, but being set up in the most unlikeliest of locations it has certainly made itself at home with the locals. It’s funky, modern layout is a breath of fresh air and as for the food, bloody amazing.

So let’s get down to business.

The menu is pretty much designed for sharing and trust me, its worth ordering a s*** load of dishes. Sit back, down a few cocktails (the super cool front of house staff will recommend them) and go to town by shaking things up with the variety of meat, fish and veg on offer.

To get the taste buds warmed up, knuckle down with the fruity, tangy sea bass ceviche and the tender charred leeks with brown shrimps from the “straight ups” section of the menu.

If you’re still wanting more fish, then the charred mackerel is an obvious choice and winner. The fish dishes here are clean, simple and executed with minimum fuss.
It doesn’t stop there FoodPunkers, because if you’re a proper meat head, White Rabbit will serve up food that will put a massive smile on your pretty little faces. The crispy lamb belly is coated with a sweet, salty miso glaze and has a jalapeno puree to give it that extra punch and as for the lamb rump, it’s succulent, juicy, perfectly pink and is on a bed of fat capers, fresh peas and mint.
The dishes are a match made in heaven, but for me, the wood pigeon was probably the weakest of the lot. Visually appetising and the beetroot is moreish, but the star attraction could have been cooked less and just didn’t have that wow factor the others had.

Sea Bass Ceviche, Pomegranate, Grapefruit, Avocado Puree

Charred Leeks, Beurre Blanc, Brown Shrimps

Charred Mackerel, Cucumber, Mooli, Lime

Crispy Lamb Belly, Miso Glaze, Jalapeno

Lamb Rump, Pea Fricassee

Wood Pigeon, Beetroot, Halzelnut

Nevertheless White Rabbit is a restaurant that you should go to as soon as possible. Mouth watering food, refreshing, tasty cocktails and all of it at decent prices, no one will argue with you for going to Dalston.


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