Pitt Cue

 Not so long ago Pitt Cue were dishing out their popular plates within the streets of Soho but since then they’ve ditched the street look and given themselves a tiny makeover. Now, they’re smack bang right in the heart of the city with a polished look and offering a more sophisticated menu.

Therefore, is the “new look” Pitt Cue worth visiting? Well if you’re after big fat cuts of juicy meat and not bothered about having a heart attack, it might just be the place for you. As for me, it’s a safe bet but it didn’t set the world alight.





First things first, lets get the crap part of the meal out of the way.

The green chilli slaw is simply a big waste of time. Once you tuck into this garlic fest, there’s no point in eating anything else. Not even a bit of chewing gum will be able to save your ass. As for the grilled sourdough, perhaps not bother with it due to the lack of bone marrow it’s meant to have and speaking of bone marrow, the mash was ruined by a dollop of unnecessary garlic butter. Why? just why?.

Pitt Cue do however slightly re deem themselves with their meat. I suppose after all that is the whole reason why I visited in the first place.
The house bacon is coated in a sweet glaze and just like the slow cooked ox tongue, is soft and falls apart with the slightest touch of the fork.
With the mangalitza pate, you wont be short changed, with a thick generous serving of fatty pork spread over homemade toasted bread. However it did lack seasoning.
With the mains and special, the cured and smoked jowl is a big bit of juicy meat with a thin crisp skin on top and as for the feather tip steak, its succulent and beautifully cooked medium-rare.


Don’t get me wrong, Pitt Cue is good and certain aspects of the menu is worth while i.e. the meat they produce. But in the long run it left me somewhat frustrated. Parts of the meal were dense, heavy, under seasoned and way too rich especially for this time of the year. You won’t go home disappointed but you wont leave thinking it was a meal to remember.



Potato Cake


Grilled Sourdough & Bone Marrow


Ox Tongue


Mangalitza Pate


Hpise Bacon


Cured & Smoked Jowl


Special – Feather Tip Steak


Artichoke & Fermented Celery


Bone Marrow Mash

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