Is it already the start of a new year? Where does the time go?
But let’s not dwell on the fact that time is passing us by ever so quickly because it’s going to be  another exciting year where restaurants, pop ups e.t.c. are waiting to be discovered and conquered plate by plate.

We all know that after the Christmas and new year celebrations comes the reality that we must all unfortunately face-which is that money is tight and we’re on a tight budget. But don’t let that stop you treating yourself to eat out at some affordable places because I have just the very place that could put a smile back on your face, remove any of those post Christmas and new year blues and kick start your start 2017 with a spring to your step.

Blacklock in Soho fits the bill perfectly. Ok, its not ground breaking but what they do there is simple yet effective. There’s no beating around the bush with this lot as they deliver big juicy cuts of meat on a regular basis.

We’ve never been before but the enthusiastic, bubbly lady took us under her wing and made sure we had the best possible time, giving us a thorough step by step guide of the menu and what Blacklock is all about.

We’re a bunch of hungry (possibly greedy) foodies as we went guns blazing going for the “All in” menu which gave us a majority of what was on offer.
The pre chop bites were a bit of a let down. They’re not anything to write home about and were undoubtedly the biggest disappointment of the whole meal but we weren’t there to cry about some little nibbles as it was obviously all about the meat.

In all it’s glory were big lumps of pork from belly to ribs and loin, juicy lamb cutlets and a massive T-bone as well as a tender bit of beef rump piled all over each other and to soak up all of the juicy goodness was a thick piece of grilled flat bread.
We also chose wisely with the sides and sauces pairing our meat-fest with crispy and fluffy beef dripping chips – because it would have been a travesty not to, creamy winter slaw containing  slightly sharp apples and thinly shredded sweet onions. Cheekily we threw in an extra side (yep we’re greedy) of kale and parmesan as well. Not only that we ordered a trio of delicious rich sauces- chilli hollandaise, onions and gravy and a Bearnaise.
Blacklock is heaven for any meat lover and for twenty pounds per person for the “all in” menu, it was a no brainer. Well executed cuts of meat and a variety of yummy sides and sauces, Blacklock will satisfy any hungry diner that’s looking for a casual and relatively cheap place to go to. Forget your plans to lose weight after a heavy festive period because there’s no time like the present to tackle this restaurant.


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