Legs is a cool, casual and blinding place to eat. Located in Morning Lane, Hackney, chef Magnus Reid and his team offer Londoners simple, fuss-free and impressive plates of food, accompanied with an extensive wine list and music that ranges from a mixture of funk, jazz and disco. There’s a certain charm about the place where everyone is well looked after and the food, well, it speaks for itself.
Standout dishes include papardelle cooked with soft pig cheeks, fiery chillies, topped with lashings of finely grated parmesan and talking of grated parmesan, it also makes an appearance on the awesome celeriac gratin – order both!.
There’s no way I could go without ordering the raw onglet because it was given the Asian persuasion with the  steak diced and delicately placed on a thin layer of miso with nori dusted on top – sex on a plate.  
The veggie options are far from boring – the burrata literally bursting upon impact spreading its creamy goodness all over the beetroot turning this particular dish into one of those messy paintings people call art nowadays.
Legs has everything going for it, charm, togetherness and people with a huge amount of passion in what they do. It may be a small joint but it’s fashionable, got massive potential and is undoubtedly a welcome addition to Hackney.

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