Bun House



Bun House isn’t your usual restaurant. In fact I wouldn’t really call it a restaurant but more of a pit stop, takeaway type tea room. There’s a few chairs and tables around on the main floor with a quick service counter, stacked high with huge Chinese steamer baskets. But if you want to sip tea all day with a more laid back ambience, downstairs will offer that alternative.

Don’t compare Bun House to Bao as it’s totally different. For a start these buns aren’t the open kind – Bun House produce the Cantonese style. Yes they have the same fluffy texture but these bad boys are closed – all steamed to order and made fresh in house.


Popping in for a quick bite to eat to fill a hole we ordered a few buns with a bunch of sides all with a variety of fillings to choose from ranging from meat, fish, veg as well as a few sweet buns thrown in as well ( I hear the pigs blood is a must try).


The chicken bun strangely works with smooth pate coating bits of thigh marinated in miso whereas the veg bun is filled with earthy flavours from the wild mushrooms and water chestnuts.


However it’s not just all about the buns, I highly recommend the house fries too. No, it’s not the potato kind – deep fried duck tongues, crispy and moreish, they’re a revelation and it all comes with crunchy, gelatinous cartilage and bone, just how I like it.

It’s also worth noting that the pickled shallots and lightly salted lotus root crisps are just as good, that’s if you’re not into eating tongues but again trust me, they’re absolutely worth ordering.
Don’t expect a full on meal at Bun House. It’s so cheap and it’s ideal for those in a hurry as well as for theatre goers and the bonus is that its open until late. I’m going back to try the red choc bun made out of pigs blood.

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