Bromley Food Fest 2017

After a successful run in 2016, Bromley is playing host to another food festival aiming to be bigger and better than it’s predecessor.

There has been tough times here in the U.K and London in particular, so to have a town like Bromley organise an event where the community gets together and enjoy the food that this historic borough has to offer is even more of a reason to get stuck in and be involved in the experience.


So what is happening?

The festival organised by Your Bromley – the Business Improvement District for the town centre have collaborated with twenty five establishments ranging from local pubs, coffee shops and popular restaurants, each bringing their own plates of food and drink to the table. This offers locals and potentially new visitors to the town to see how far Bromley has come in the food world as well as more importantly encourage them to try new food and gain more confidence in what they eat.

When is it happening?

Don’t wait around people, the Bromley Food Festival starts on Thursday (22nd June) and will run until Sunday (25thJune). Bring your friends and families and enjoy what Bromley has to offer.

Who is taking part?

There will be twenty five joints playing their part in the festival showcasing their different styles and cuisines and even better they’re all relatively cheap.

Notable places include:

  • Ask
  • Belgos
  • Yo!Sushi
  • Nick’s café
  • The Partridge
  • Wagamama

 Don’t be alarmed, the organisers have cleverly created a detailed map highlighting where these places are. This makes it even more fun for the kids as you can pick and choose where you want to go. As they say “the world is your oyster”. Click on the link below to have a look at the guide.

What else is on?

The great thing about Bromley Food Fest is that it’s not all about the food (although who doesn’t want to scoff their face?) During the afternoon, a number of places have various activities for the young ones such as face painting, cup cake decorating and in the evening to wash down all that delicious food, other restaurants and pubs have a number of different entertainment including live music and dancing.





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