Bromley Food Fest 2017 Part 2




On Thursday 22nd June Bromley hosted a four day social event called Food Fest aiming to bring people together with their love of food. Collaborating with twenty five establishments from restaurants, pubs to independent cafes, Bromley wanted to showcase food from all different styles and cuisines.

From a  personal point of view it was a great opportunity for me to take on this yearly event because not only am I a local boy, I also wanted to be a part of something new and exciting. Obviously the food took centre stage but there was so much more about the event than that, something that’s not really seen often or done on a constant basis. Families from all backgrounds were getting involved and being pro-active whether it was face painting, cupcake decorating, simply enjoying a fry up at their local café or having brunch at an independently run restaurant.

Food isn’t just about enjoying a meal out. It connects everyone together bringing positivity and this is what Bromley Food Fest is all about. A borough wanting to shed some light when people elsewhere are enduring hard times. Yes London hosts many events gathering people together but I think suburban towns should look at Bromley and follow suit. It can make a real difference.

I was able to attend Bromley Food Fest on the Sunday and bringing my big appetite with me I managed to tackle some worthwhile places that were offering some attractive special deals.




To relax, Esquires Coffee – located in The Glades- serve up a light snack in the form of a warm, creamy and mild goats cheese and sweet red onion tart.

Joe’s Kitchen – a long standing casual restaurant in The Glades – produce a classic grilled beef burger as well as a avocado, tomato and humus open sandwich.

Nick’s café not only serves up the popular traditional English Breakfast but they also showcase their Turkish heritage with plates such as Menemen (Spanish Omelette), Baklava cakes (for anyone with a serious sweet tooth) and stuffed peppers filled with rice, tomatoes, fresh mint and garlic. This can be all washed down with refreshing Turkish Tea.

New to the scene Franco Manca create delicious stone baked pizzas. For the event the Burrata Pugliese- a soft cheese that is just heavenly to eat and a freshly made stone baked garlic flatbread topped with oregano and gooey cheese accompanied with a fiery chilli sauce capped what was a fine day and a fitting end to the event.



Goats Cheese & Caramelised Onion Tart


Grilled Beef Burger
Avacado, Cherry Tomato & Humus Open Sandwich


Buratta Pugliese
Garlic & Cheese Flatbread



I’ve grown up in Bromley my entire life and never did I ever think that a food event would happen. Bromley was never a town that could be associated with foodies. This event as well as the one previously is proof to show how far this historic town has come. I’ve never really given a shout out to this town but after experiencing such a well organised and hard working event, I’m really proud of this town. Let’s hope Bromley Food Fest 2018 is bigger and even more successful.






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